Publishers, boost your revenue, increase traffic and reduce bounce rates with EngageYa. We offer African publishers the world's largest content and native advertising tech platform for emerging markets. See a boost in key publisher metrics, outperforming any competing solutions including an 11% traffic increase, 22% decrease in bounce rate, and 10% increase in CTR.

Native advertising is paid advertising where the format matches the function, form and feel of the content around it. Unlike other forms of advertising such as banner ads, native fits in with the user experience, enabling brands to create effective, non-intrusive messaging in context with the content around it. The power of native advertising is that it provides value to the advertiser and the end-user, strengthening brand awareness and increasing user engagement.

With EngageYa publishers benefit from the best of both worlds, offering full control, flexibility and maximum revenue. With our native advertising platform you control and manage every aspect of your ad inventory to maximise revenue potential. Use our zero-maintenance widget to offer and autonomously manage native advertising placements that translate into an immediate revenue stream.

Boost user engagement and session durations with our fully customisable, zero maintenance widget which creates relevant content recommendations on your content pages. Find new readers for your content and improve ROI by boosting your content's reach throught targeting new reader segments, interests and markets. This will vastly increase impressions and clicks across the entire publisher inventory. Target verticals such as Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Sports, News, Parenting, Technology, Business and much more.

With the EngageYa risk-free payment model, you only pay for positive ROI with real-time dashboard tracking to measure campaign performance and provide clients with transparent reporting metrics.


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